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Jeri Hudson, RScP

I am a Southern Baptist preacher's daughter with Pentecostal and Evangelical grandparents. There was a whole lot of fire and damnation in my life as a child but I always thought there was something missing or something I wasn't being told. At the age of 11, I decided that God came to everyone in a way they could understand. If you were a little girl in Alabama you got Jesus, if you were a little girl in China you got Buddha. I can't really remember how I was aware of Buddha. I left "the church" in 1974 and wandered around in my own beliefs and spirituality until 1997. Some friends were really doing well and attributed it to a New Thought church they were attending; the Center for Spiritual Living. It was there that I first heard of Religious Science - one of the 3 pillars of New Thought along with Unity and Divine Science. I attended off and on and I became a student of Ernest Holmes pioneering book "The Science of Mind" in 2004. I liked what I was reading and wanted to know more although it was odd going to church again!

I started taking classes because I wanted to know what the belief system was. Religious Science's core teaching is that there is One Universal Presence, called by many names, that is Omniscient (All-Knowing), Omnipotent (All-Powerful), and Omnipresent (Present in and as EVERYTHING). I found liberation from the shackles of my former beliefs and relief in the idea of a God that only does Good, no vengeance nor banishment to Hell.

In 2006, I was in Atlanta with the CSL Choir of Light, performing in a New Thought Music Festival. Daniel Nahmod was singing his song "One Power" for the concert with 4 choirs backing him up. He told the story of the song to us. He was raised in Chicago by Jewish parents. He was taught that the Jews were the "chosen people" and yet he never accepted this. Like me, he always believed in One Power, called by many names. As I sat there listening to this song for the first time, my heart broke open as I realized I had taken a 40 year journey and was at last back in my own beliefs, God coming to each of us in a way we can understand. Here is a link to Daniel's beautiful song:

I came back to Seattle and got serious about my beliefs and putting them into practice. On a retreat at beautiful Rainbow Lodge I felt a calling to become a Practitioner. Over the next 4 years I followed the core class schedule, applied and was accepted into Practitioner training and received my certification in July of 2010.

It is my joy to serve my community and to assist others in knowing the Truth of them. We are not our thoughts, our bodies nor our circumstance. We are Divine Beings, imbued with Infinite Intelligence, Power and Grace.

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