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Who Am I - Jeri Judson

Jeri Hudson, LMP

I was born with an inquisitive mind and a "need to know". I have been interested in the body and how it works since I was a child. I was always the kid rubbing my Mama's feet or my Grandmother's shoulders. After years of doing other things like running restaurants and retail stores, supporting the computers for the US House and Senate and doing art on the side, I decided to move to Seattle to be with the love of my life and attend massage school. I graduated from Seattle Massage School in 1992 with a 3.8GPA. I have been in private practice since that time. In 1995 I opened All You Knead, a premier massage supply business and continued practicing massage and running this nationally acclaimed retail store. In 2006 I said, "Enough with the retail, I just want to do what I love most – Massage!" So I closed my store and went back to private practice.

I love working with the body and unleashing its natural ability to heal. We ask so much of it, we neglect it, feed it too much or not enough, run it on empty. When we get in tune with this amazing machine that is the human body it will astound us.

I have continued to study the body and have found my own understanding of many of its functions. Many hours of advanced training have filled my "toolbox". I listen to my intuition to find the right tool, the right touch to start your healing process. I am adept at explaining why your body is behaving like it does and can give you the right program to reenergize and awaken your muscles. Every cell has memory. Every cell. You are a miracle and are meant to function without pain and restriction.

I am a low back pain and plantar fasciitis SPECIALIST!

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