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Who Am I - Jeri Judson

Let's look in that TOOLBOX!

Swedish or classic - what most people think of when they hear the word massage. Long, flowing strokes of varying depths revive and awaken the muscles. Swedish is generally a relaxing massage but can be vigorous if necessary.

Deep Tissue (DT) - this type of massage is used to address muscle structures and connective tissue that are below the superficial muscles. It is generally used to address chronic pain and to release habitual holding patterns. Although clients will ask for deep tissue, most are referring to deep pressure.

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)- specific short cross-fiber strokes and direct pressure are used to release trigger points, areas of localized or referred pain.

Soft Tissue Release (STR)- By far the tool I use the most for the treatment of muscular dysfunction and pain! Developed my Stuart Tawes for British Olympic track athletes; it is effective immediately and long lasting. STR utilizes a method that pins the muscle fibers while they are being stretched. The client may be actively involved by moving some part of their body to facilitate the release. Although I can employ STR during any session, I often will work with the client fully clothed and seated prior to table work. This technique changed my practice the most and gives me the greatest satisfaction because it can take a client from pain to pain free in minutes!

Energetic Techniques

I hold a level one certification in Polarity Therapy, an alternative healing modality developed by Dr. Randolph Stone.

I received training at the Master Level in Usui Reiki from Phil Osama in 2001.

In 2004, I received an energetic healing method in what felt like a download from the Universe. I do not have a name for this system. I have seen the amazing results and although I can feel it working through me, I am still astounded and confounded by it. It seems to work on an etheric level to remove blocks that are physical, emotional or spiritual in nature. Friends that have watched me work say it looks as though I am weaving. I often feel that I am removing an energetic binding from the client. I just let it work through me and try not to judge it, which in the beginning took a bit of doing.

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